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What if society expected you to wear a dress, high heels and makeup?

The best of TG fiction!  TV, TG, TS, MTF, transgender fiction.
Often sweet, always fun, romantic novelettes posing the question, "What if you were the one society forced to wear a dress, high heels and makeup?".
Over two hundred TV TG TS titles!


Dozens and dozens of lovely pink paperback books, all with the same name on the cover – “A Sandy Thomas Publication.” And that was the moment that changed my life. The books, with the beautiful illustrations on the cover, innocent yet seductive, and the catchy titles that spoke directly to me. Oh my. “Like Mother, Like Son,” and I had my epiphany.  I literally heard a voice speaking to me. “You are not alone,” Someone must be reading these books.   I was not alone.  Mother’s New Daughter A Dress for Danny Manicured to Perfection A Tale of Two Mothers Jesse into Jessica Just Like Mom With Mother’s Help . Like a Daughter One of the Girls, and A Living Doll.   

Lots of new books for 2018!


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